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HAKOM’s Testimonial.

With the PowerTSM® Cloud Service, you will easily process time series data right from the start at the speed of light.

You’Il have full cost transparency, the most powerful functionality available and maximum scalability for all future needs.

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Speed of Market Entry & Innovation.

Speed of Market Entry & Innovation.
Rapid Market Entry.
Reduces time to market for new innovative digital services.
PowerTSM for Speed.
  • PowerTSM® provides the most powerful functionality available for time series right out of the box.
  • Launches within minutes; PowerTSM® comes with a perfect cloud environment - no complicated scaling of applications and database servers.
  • Fits your use case; PowerTSM® includes the ideally suited cloud resources with scalable storage and transparent transaction costs.
Re-Invent & Innovate More Quickly.
Working together with an excellent R&D team under the Seal of Excellence.
PowerTSM for Speed.
  • The HAKOM Time Series R&D team exceeds the boundaries of feasibility for groundbreaking use cases.
  • PowerTSM® is the basis of international research projects.
  • HAKOM Time Series holds the Seal of Excellence for outstanding research projects from the European Innovation Council and national funding agencies such as FFG and Vienna Business Agency.
Facilitates Rapid Development of New Solutions.
Minimizes time series data crunching and exploits efficient use of existing resources.
PowerTSM for Speed.
  • Connectors available for quick integration: PowerTSM® supports powerful services for monitoring, reporting, spreadsheet integration and analysis of time series.
  • PowerTSM® saves valuable development time by providing direct connections to Grafana, PowerBI, Excel, Python, Mathlab, R and many more.
  • Join the constantly growing PowerTSM® community to share implementation examples and user experiences.


Minimize Carbon Footprint.
Reduces energy consumption and waste of hardware resources.
PowerTSM for Scalability.
  • PowerTSM® compresses data with incredible efficiency, thus assuring minimum storage space.
  • The PowerTSM® REST interface comes with optimized response formats making transaction volumes incredibly small.
  • Low storage requirements and small response formats result in minimal energy costs and significantly fewer infrastructure requirements.
Reduce Costs.
Employs efficient cloud resources with minimal costs.
PowerTSM for Scalability.
  • PowerTSM® lets your use case determine the setup of an efficient cloud environment.
  • Known parameters (number of time series, retention of data, grids and required updates) let PowerTSM® minimize the costs for an ideal subscription plan.
  • PowerTSM® keeps you independent, agile and reactive - plans can be adjusted on a monthly basis.
  • Polyglot persistent PowerTSM® makes use of cost-effective opensource database technologies like PostgreSQL or TimescaleDB for maximum efficiency and flexibility.
Performance efficient scaling of system resources.
PowerTSM for Scalability.
  • PowerTSM® is used by leading technology companies in countless and extremely diverse use cases.
  • PowerTSM® offers breathtaking elasticity through dynamic scaling-up of application server resources when needed and scaling down again to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • PowerTSM® provides full cost transparency and planning reliability for a great variety of use cases.

Availability / Shareability.

Availability / Shareability.
Connecting data from silos and various heterogeneous data sources.
PowerTSM for Connectivity.
  • PowerTSM® connects data from countless diverse data sources and formats across divisional and corporate boundaries.
  • PowerTSM® provides consistent processing of time series from different software vendors such as Brady, SIEMENS, Sopra Steria, Robotron, Volue based on various databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, AzureSQL, PostgreSQL, LeanXCale, Crate.io and many more.
  • PowerTSM® is polyglot persistent - the PowerTSM® team is continuously working on connecting the most viable persistences and provides a generic database connector for general purposes.
Sharing Data.
Sharing data with others across organizations, communities, and departments.
PowerTSM for Connectivity.
  • PowerTSM® simplifies collecting data from different sources and sharing with or using data from other sources. 
  • PowerTSM® is polyglot persistent, accessing data from multiple storage technologies, cleansing, validating, and harmonizing it consistently.
  • By connecting data from different sources, on-premises, in the cloud and from hybrid scenarios PowerTSM® maximizes the value of all available time series data. 
Edge Computing.
Creates value from data coming from edge devices.
PowerTSM for Connectivity.
  • The PowerTSM® technology is available as Docker microservice on edge devices for expedient data processing and secure communications with the cloud.
  • PowerTSM® stores and processes data uniformly ensuring that both raw and transformed data are processed consistently all along the value chain.
  • PowerTSM® scales on both application and database levels, ensuring data can be processed in near real-time.

PowerTSM® Calculator.

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Play with our Calculator.

No setup on your own client, no complicated scaling of application and database servers in the cloud environment. You know your use case - we know the optimal cloud resources including storage and transaction costs. All prices are monthly and net.

How many time series do you want to process?
How many users do you need?
How long do you keep your time series?
Which increment do your time series typically have?
How often will one single datapoint be updated in the Time Series Life Cycle?
How often will one single datapoint be read in the Time Series Life Cycle?
Do you want to be able to reconstruct any previous state of a time series to ensure full auditability?
What you get – the one page PowerTSM® white paper.

What they say.

Our development team was able to adopt the HAKOM time series technology extremely quickly. After a few hours we had the first prototype ready to access the time series of our market information system.
Lead Developer
Market Data Development Team
By introducing HAKOM time series technology, we were able to dissolve the countless point-to-point connections of our different data silos within a very short time. Now we can process all our time series with a uniform logic.
Enterprise Solution Architect
City Utility
Using PowerTSM instead of continuing to develop our own time series logic was a no-brainer. Now that our business model is scaling, we are no longer afraid of really big data. My developers can now focus on their core competency.
Innovative Provider of Smart Home Solution
For a long time we were looking for the right way to store time series. The PowerTSM technology relieves us from this task, we are now flexible in the selection of the database technology. This adds security of investment to our software development.
Product Owner
Trading System
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